PrimePress Theme for WordPress Rotating Header Image


Setting up the WordPress Static Homepage

Some of you might want to display a static front page as the homepage of your WordPress blog. This can now be done in PrimePress using Page templates and here’s a quick tutorial. No fancy magazine style layouts right now but a simple Page with the content of your choice. (more…)

Customizing Rotating Header Images

“…Worth a Thousand Words”
another boring cliche that has lost its intended meaning? hell no! It has been over-used alright… (and I wouldn’t dare say that out loud) but its true to its every word.

A few well chosen images – can add tons of visual appeal to your site, can convey more information, can make a good site a great one. so gather up all the pictures you like, putting them up in PrimePress is easy. (more…)

How to use the custom stylesheet

When modifying a WordPress theme, finding the right element in the stylesheet and making changes to it is confusing. Finding them again, for when we update the theme or simply decide to tweak the styles some more, is even more frustrating.

A solution then… (more…)

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