PrimePress Theme for WordPress Rotating Header Image



  1. copy all your custom styles in your custom.css file to a safe-place, like a text document on your desktop.
  2. upload the new version of the theme to /wp-content/themes/ overwriting the older one.
  3. open custom.css and put your custom styles back in.

Except for the header images in the /headers folder, all the theme files in your theme directory will be overwritten.

Important: If you’ve made changes to any other the theme files, make sure you save them.

Only if you can

The above method is simple and works very well. But, if you are like me and don’t want even a single unused file residing in your theme folder, then here’s the way to do it.

  1. save custom.css and headers folder in the theme directory to a safe place.
  2. switch to the WordPress default theme.
  3. delete the primepress directory.
  4. upload the new version and activate it.
  5. replace the custom.css and headers folder back in.
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