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version 1.3.1 comes with WordPress 2.7 features

WordPress 2.7 has come up with some new features on the front end, that needed to be implemented in the theme for them to be functional. Though PrimePress 1.3 did work well with WP 2.7, we couldn’t really make use of these new goodies.

  • Threaded Comments 1
  • Comment Paging 1
  • Post classes
  • Sticky posts

Version 1.3.1 2 has all these implemented. Other stuff you’ll see in this version are an additional 620px content width layout option to choose from and a modified search widget.


  1. Comment features need to be activated in the Settings > Discussion panel for them to be functional.
  2. 1.3.1 is backward compatible up to WordPress 2.5. It has all the right stuff to be working on WP 2.3 as well, but hasn’t thoroughly been tested on.


  1. Tsunglin says:

    The theme is very pretty.

    1. scream says:

      yes it is

  2. [...] from: version 1.3.1 comes with WordPress 2.7 features – PrimePress Theme … Tags: 2008-at-239-am, changelog, custom, development, home, instructions, PHP, press-page, [...]

  3. Mik says:

    Great Ravi, looking forward to updating when I get a moment.

  4. Mik says:

    Ravi, one thing, installed the theme and changed comments setting, comments now all seem to be in much smaller font than before, smaller than yours above, any ideas?

  5. cjt says:

    Hi, Ravi.
    Great work, This is a really good template.
    There’s a bug, however: the navi link previous/new articles at the bottom isn’t working at all, it leads to the main page.
    Is it possible to give a look and tell me something about?
    The blog is in portuguese, you will find it under “Artigos anteriores” and “Artigos seguintes”

    have a great 2009!

  6. YouLin says:

    Ravi, Thank for the update..I like this theme very much.

  7. Anders says:

    I really love your theme, and I am working on a new blog based on it. One thing irritates me though… why do I have to manually translate it into Swedish. Couldn’t you include a Mo-file in the next version, so that we who blog in other languages then English can update without the hassle och making new translations everytime.
    That would be fantastic!

  8. Johny says:

    Great job Ravi. Thanks a lot.

  9. Web 3.0 says:

    Good job! Thank you

  10. Jacques says:

    Just posted this in the “finding the FeedBurner feed ID” post, but just wanted to ensure you find it easily ;-)

    Unfortunately the email option do not work with the new feedburner by google anymore. Users that tried to update their feed or signed up at don’t have that 7 digit ID anymore and the submit URL has changed as well.

    Hope you’ll be able to release an updated version of your great theme soon !

  11. Suneel says:

    Changed my blog’s theme to PrimePress Ravi.

    An amazing theme indeed. Faced some problems with the sidebars. Needed to remove and start from the scratch for them.

    Firefox does have probs displaying them side-by-side. Trying to resolve it. Can you help?

  12. WereBear says:

    Just dropped by to say this is an awesome theme! It’s always so hard changing over, but love the flexibility and clean crisp design of this theme.

    You’re quite the designer, I hope things pick up for me, and I’ll be more appreciative next time I come by :)

  13. sidudun says:

    I really like this theme…
    but, are there something wrong with the image header??

  14. kostyaha says:

    Thank you author

  15. enver says:

    realy prety theme. i want to use it.

  16. Scot Lee says:

    looks relaxing.. cool theme. reminds me of pearl harbor days.

  17. i want to ask you, this theme is SEO friendly, i recommend you create 3 columns..
    Thanks for great theme

  18. martymankins says:

    Very nice theme. I was searching for weeks looking for a clean look and easy to configure. This just came up at random while web searching and found another site with this template –

    I am having an issue with using the tag in the text of my posts. My previous theme showed text at a smaller font. This theme does not. Still trying to find how to support the tag via the CSS settings.

    Otherwise, very happy with this theme.

  19. Marcello says:

    sou brasileiro, quando sairá a proxima versão do tema?? sou adepto ao seu tema!

  20. Gaetan says:

    please, how change the size of mishap in comment? Thank you

  21. Frihet87 says:

    Does the prime press theme support pagination in the posts?

    I have added the tag to a couple posts, but the post content after the first is lost, with no links to additional pages.

  22. Frihet87 says:

    This is a repeat, the tag I was speaking of was

  23. Frihet87 says:

    Final attempt –
    Open tag –nextpage– Close Tag

    1. Delia says:

      Thanks for sharing. What a plseurae to read!

  24. Karirinkate says:

    Hello, I really like this theme, so should I expect a new update for WordPress 2.8 anytime soon? :P

    Keep up the good work! ^^

    1. vic says:

      probando reply

  25. There must be more to this story….

  26. Alexis says:

    I went through HUNDREDS of WordPress themes before I finally found yours – thank you so much for this great piece of work :)

    I had fun customising my website and am still learning, would be great if you could share some tips on SEO for this theme?

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  27. David says:

    Would be nice if there was a download button to actually try-out the theme; or an explanation of why there isn’t one ;-)

    1. Viv says:

      Hi David

      I found that you can download it from :) Do it from within your admin/themes facility.


  28. How doesw your offering fare with the latest WordPress 8.1? It is quite crazy that theme designers have to keep up with the latest core changes. one would’ve thought that this wouldn’t be an issue!

  29. Joachim says:

    Nice Theme, I will check it out with WP 2.8.2

    Thanks for sharing

  30. I have just come across this site and I am very new at WordPress, I can’t believe the number of updates there are. One has to keep on your toes and up to date all the time, thanks for the post.

  31. Allen Jiang says:

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    Please visit my website!

  32. Austin says:

    Hi, I provide support for a blog using primepress and had problems with the nested comments. I wrote a quick guide of what to add to custom.css. Hope this is useful.

  33. Very usefull theme. I hope it’c compatible with WP 2.8.4. I will try..Thank you for this nice work.

  34. I like the theme design, great design and color matching.


  35. Great Theme, I will check it out !

    Thanks guys for sharing it with us.


  36. Greyholme says:

    Big fan of the theme. It looks great!

  37. I like this theme, simple but great.

  38. Suneel says:

    I am using this theme from 2.7+ and had been making suitable changes ever since.

    A very nice theme on which I am learning to tweak around. I am adding feature by feature to it. Ravi, can you help in making a tabber for this theme to be displayed in wide sidebar??? Appreciate ur help.

    Thanks a lot Ravi for making this theme and sharing it with us.

  39. [...] 在最新的PrimePressV1.3.1版本里内置Threaded Comments、Comment Paging、Post classes、Sticky posts等功能,推荐使用。 [...]

  40. Jim Lunsford says:

    How do I remove the blog title and description from the top left hand corner of every page?

  41. Dizi İzle says:

    How do I remove the blog title and description from the top left hand corner of every page?

  42. FapeSheKpex says:

    Fortunately, we have a lot of really smart women in the business.

  43. hopskole says:

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