Finding the WordPress Page ID

In WordPress versions prior to 2.5 we could see the Page and post IDs in the WordPress admin panel. But from WordPress 2.5 and later, these are not displayed directly in your dashboard.

Here’s how you can find the IDs in WordPress 2.5 and later.

One Way

After you’ve logged into your WordPress dashboard, Go to Manage > Pages and from the list of Pages hover over the Page title you want to find the ID of. Every time you hover over, your browser’s status bar will show you a URL ending with a number like this.

The number with which the URL ends is the Page ID (6 in this case).


If you don’t see anything when you hover over, click on the Page link to open edit Page screen. Now, look in your browser’s address bar and you’ll find the URL ending with a number. and that is your Page ID.

wordpress page id

Again, the number with which the URL ends is the Page ID (6 in this case).


  1. Scott Hone says:

    Awesome! Thanks.

  2. Christian_R says:


  3. Marco says:


    Weird that WP hides the pageID. It is of limited to no use for the average user, but when you get into custom php code it may be very useful.

  4. Anthony says:

    Unless WordPress is set to rewrite the URL’s … ?

  5. base says:

    Anthony: In that case, you can use the first method. even with mod rewrite on, the administration panel will still show a pages ID.

  6. Mankosas says:

    Just found this post on Google and it helped, thanks.

  7. Rob Lewicki says:

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    Thanks for helping me find the page id for my wordpress blog!

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  10. Nick says:

    Thanks. I already changed my slugs, and was having a hard time trying to find the page #s!

  11. Tacchi says:

    you made my day. thanks ;)

  12. mark says:

    how do you find the page id of the index blog?
    I’m using custom fields to use a dynamic banner for each page (using an if else statement). I use the page IDs for the pages to show a certain image.
    Funny how something like this I can’t solve after searching around for a bit.
    So in summary, I need the page id for home (and home, index, and 1 don’t seem to work). any ideas?

    thanks : )

    • David says:

      I need the page ID for the home page. Any ideas?

    • Just found this information at

      In the theme’s header.php file, change the tag to this

      On the homepage, your body tag will now say
      You can now override any existing styles for just that page.
      For example, in your present stylesheet, your sidebar is defined as
      #sidebar { width: 220px; }

      If you add this to the stylesheet:
      body#homepage #sidebar { width: 175px; }
      on the homepage only the sidebar will display as 175 pixels. On all other pages it continues displaying at 220 pixels.

      It works, I was able to set up a custom menu with this.

  13. Peter says:

    Is it possible to get the url (permlink) to a page if you have the page id?
    Thanks, Peter

  14. Trat map says:

    As mentioned by others, the second method only works if you don’t mess with the permalink settings (and you should – since a textual url is better SEO-wise).

    Anyway, thanks for primepress. Very comfortable to tweak.

  15. Paul says:

    Thank you for your generous help.
    Finding the the WordPress Page ID is such a silly little thing but was driving me around the bend trying to identify how to find it.

    Thanks for a great website and packing it full of practical information.

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  18. Unless WordPress is set to rewrite the URL’s … ?

  19. Nice, Thanks Ravi that is great. I cannot believe it is as simple as using Manage > Pages I wish I knew that before as it would have saved me hours of messing around!

  20. mark says:

    hey, great post…

    How would I find the page ID of the home page? The url info that appears for the home page does not have ID info, and I need the ID to modify a template (Atahualpa)

  21. Thanks!

    Isn’t it incredible how one can waste so much time over not knowing silly details like this one.


  22. Thanks Guys. Wonderful

  23. have been reading about this a lot recently – what a brilliant idea – saved me tons of wasted time.

  24. Fred says:

    Thanks so much for this! This is so incredibly odd! Yes, I did change the permalinks to suit me, and short of exploring the database, would never have found this. I’m off to glue my hair back in.

  25. oguzhan says:

    Wikipedia is great!

  26. oguzhad says:

    Thanks Guys yeah!!!

  27. Yes, i will use this and try. Hope it will work.

  28. Randall says:

    I’m using WordPress, a theme from iThemes and Ecto on my Mac OS 10.5

    I found the “hovering” tags, but they don’t include the page ID, just the page title. Any ideas why mine are gone and where else I could find them? I want to remove the About and Contacts pages from my pages sidebar widget, and I can’t without the proper ID.


  29. the jodi says:

    You’re an angel. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you

  30. jcnjr says:

    thanks! this post was top search result for “how to find wordpress page id”.

  31. thanksssssss….. broooooo….
    Its very help me…..

  32. Walt Dowdy says:

    Thanks Ravi! Simple posts like this will live forever.

  33. Lei-Lei says:

    Thank you very much for this! Really helpful xD

  34. vusi says:

    thanks, why cant they just put it in the bloody admin panel somewhere!

  35. i looking this page id, thanks for the explaining.

    Great design.

  36. Thanks! it helped alot. I had modified my URL’s to a custom one and then didn’t think I still had page id’s. But this post helped.

  37. Tyler says:

    Thanks this was helpful

  38. nophindahoz says:

    great bro! it really helps when i’m customising my blog… thank u very much! regards from indonesia :D

  39. Harshida says:

    i have question that in my WordPress with CMS site i have 6 page all, each page have page id

    for example ABOUT PAGE url is like

    but what i want insted of page_id=178 i want
    Give me the solution for this.

    Harshida Parmar

  40. Thanks…. That was a complete pain in the ass to find…

  41. Nick Polino says:

    Straight and to the point, thank you very much.

  42. driver27 says:

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  43. Another Thanks. This is one of these annoying little things that you find out how to do and then by the time you need to know again the next time you forget and have to find out all over again :( . But thanks to Google and sites like yours it’s easily solved :D

  44. masa subur says:

    I already fine my page id, thanks for article.

  45. Rose says:

    Thank i was wondering about that to find out my past posts. I am using Rosehost Web Hosting and its a very good host for wordpress sites. haven’t got any problems with them.

  46. good point.Thanks so much for sharing these useful informations.

  47. Sometimes wordpress can make you crazy. Thanks for making it simple ;-)

  48. Marcia says:

    Thanks! Had never needed to know the page id; then today, I was in a hurry to get a new template going – and Google found you,

  49. Hi Ravi,

    nice post. I use permalinks and I was searching for the page id… :)

    Thanks Again


  50. Acai says:

    Great post! this will help me to customize my blog based on the page ID, a real beauty! Thank you for sharing ;)

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  52. Cheers Ravi, clear and concise instructions. Many thanks.

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    Sooooooo Simple I had to kck myself for not thinking about it!

    Much appreciated.

  55. John Writer says:

    Been struggling with how to noindex a downloads page for some weight loss plr I was making – i needed the wordpress ID and couldn’t work it out. This really helped so thanks a lot!


  56. CT says:

    I am looking to change my “blog” page in WordPress. One of my static page links in the navigation is off center. I want to get it looking better. HOW DO I MANIPULATE THE CODE TO DO THIS IN THE BLOG PAGE? WHERE IS THIS FILE FOR ME TO CHANGE? IS IT CSS? IS IT .PHP? I can see the source code, but can’t seem to find where to change it in my template appearences editor. Thanks!

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    Great. I dont know, why they removed the ID from the admin. It was surely a step back in userfriendlyness.

  66. Ray says:

    I needed to create a sitemap page for my WP blog ASAP and your post helped me do it very quickly. Thanks a million!

  67. Stephen says:

    IDs absolutely should be shown in admin just like in Joomla, etc. Incredible that you have to fiddle about to find such basic stuff.

  68. Saz says:

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  71. bee says:

    Thank you for these tipps.
    As the first one didn’t work for me and I didn’t want to open lots of pages, I got the idea to look for a plugin for this. And here it is, works fine:

  72. Maren says:

    Thanks for the directions. Maybe I have a newer version of wordpress, because I clicked on “shortlink” to get the ID. But, only one of my pages had a number, the other three had a letter at the end. When I was trying to “exclude” from my widget, only the one with the number worked. Any ideas??

  73. haxpor says:

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    Your second method worked great!!!

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    Many thanks. One of those little things you can waste hours trying to resolve.

  78. Andy says:

    Hi, this is useful information and I knew that for a while now. The reason why I decide to post a reply is that I have an extended question: Let’s say I build a WordPress site with 50 – 100 pages or so…. the work to find the id of each page would take very long time if I want a complete overview. Very often I exclude pages in my solutions and when doing that I must know the id of the page… so is there a solution to list all my pages to create an overview in a text document or similar if I want to simplify the job that otherwise would have taken a long time?

  79. Max says:

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  83. Jkeltonga says:

    Awesome! This has been driving me nuts trying to figure out what the page id is. I can’t for the life of me understand why it does not display in dashboard. Kinda stupid on the part of WordPress, if you ask me (so, please don’t ;-) . Thanks for this little nugget of gold.

  84. christian says:

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    There is no “Manage” on my dashboard anywhere…. any help?

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  87. thank you for helping me to find page ID.
    Why WordPress made it so hard to find? :)
    Impossible for beginners! It seems like such a simple task,
    but it isn’t if you don’t know where to look. BIG thanks.

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    Got a new template that needs page id and google brought me to you. Thank you!

  101. Its simple. But I wonder why WordPress has not given a feature in their admin interface for age id….anyways thanks for this.

  102. Thanks for that tip. I was using url rewriting in my blog and needed to find the id of a few pages I dind’t want to show in a widget. Thanks for the tip. The hard part will be not forgetting where to find it.

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    Hi. I was trying to find the page id but I’m using permalinks so your tips above don’t help me. Any other way to find them? I’m a newbie with WP.

    I also reviewed almost all the comments and some ask the same questions but no one ever answers the question.

    Maybe it’s not possible? Maybe I have to go back to the default find the number??


    Thanks in advance.

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    This has been a great help for me so thank you.

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  110. A Question:

    On my blog the page URL looks like this:
    I noticed that the multiple page numbers are skipped on the sub-sequent post. For example, I had a post that had this URL:, the next post I made had this URL:

    Any idea why the page numbers are not in sequence? I’d expect it to be p=120, then p=121, p=122, etc. How do i make them to be in sequence?


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  127. Does this work to find the ID on WP 3.0.1 as well?

  128. Eugen says:

    Thank you! I was having a hard time trying to find page id’s. I need it for displaying only some pages on the nav bar. Thanks again!

  129. It would have really helped if it said something else instead of “post=x” in the URL. I thought of doing the hover-over-link method you described but when i saw the number I thought “wait…maybe this isn’t the page ID, clearly this is a post ID of some sort.” =/

  130. You are a life saver……

  131. Thank you for this, I have been so frustrated trying to remove some of the pages from the menu bar

  132. Really? says:

    This has got to be the biggest non-answer to a non-question Ive ever seen. Jesus, why bother. When people are looking for the answer to “how do I get the page id” they’re looking for a clue to some php code, not a tosser telling them how to read a URL.


  133. Great post also! Your writing is so fresh in comparison to most other bloggers. Thanks for writing when you get the chance to, I’ll be sure to keep visiting!


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    * sorry for my bad english :)

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  147. I had problem to find page id but i just chanage permalinks to page id and take a look than change it back to /postname/

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    I just installed a WordPress Article Directory plugin and had to mention the page ID of the one I created to use as Author Panel to submit Articles and to edit profile etc.
    Thanks Man!!
    Your Post Really Helped me.

  156. Great. I was trying to exclude a few pages from the menu and couldn’t find the Page ID. This worked.

  157. Some Guy says:



    With this structure of url we can easily tell that the page id is 100, just in case you guys don’t see the id at the end.

  158. HVAC Raleigh says:

    Wow. This saved me a lot of time. Especially helps when using the ‘no 404 errors’ plugin for redirects. But what is the ID for the home page? I’m using Thesis, if that helps.
    Either way thanks for the post!

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    Thanks! Always happy to use someone else’s brain so I don’t have to fire mine up.

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    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the URL, without “seeing” it. Just one of those things one tends to overlook, but that is one of the bigger things that make TechTrot

    Thanks very much for all your help :)

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    This was such a simple fix. Thank you!

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    nice post really help me alot. Something the page ID don’t show in the end like you mention in your post but it also like this post=108&action=edit.

    So here 108 is the page ID.


    Mike Dizor

  167. When i click on edit page
    this link appears
    Whatcould be the problem
    Now is it page id or what..!!

  168. Kimchi says:

    This is great, I was getting really frustrated because I simply needed to find the page ID but since it won’t show if you have a page slug. Thanks a million!

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    COuld not find this. I looked…the url does NOT end in any number. THoughts?

  175. Graeme says:

    Hey Techtrot, thank you for the quick answer. Much appreciated.


  176. Hi Ravi

    Thanks for the tip, I just installed a WordPress Article Directory plugin and had to mention the page ID of the one I created to use as Author Panel to submit Articles and to edit profile etc.

    I Also Just started using the “Share and Follow” widget and I had to disable it on specific pages (about, contact, etc.)

    Thanks Ravi


  177. Kristin says:


    Thank you for this post. I almost pulled my hair out searching the WordPress forums, but then I stumbled upon this post with a quick Google search. I will definitely be visiting your site more often, great information.


  178. Peann says:

    Thank you for this. I have custom permalinks and still found the number in the page when I went in to edit it as in So 19 is the id number. I am using my pages down the right hand side as the navigation so it was great to be able to exclude some.

    Many thanks.

  179. Tony Sale says:

    This has been most helpful, thank you

  180. Nathalie D. says:

    if you go to settings/permalinks you can choose what you want to use in the urls, the default one has the page id.
    hope this helps,

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