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The D5 is Nikon’s flagship FX format Full-Frame DSLR Camera launched as a successor to their D4S. Experts says it’s one of best low-light performers around with excellent auto-focus & great burst speed.

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Nikon D5


Jan 5th2016


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Nikon D5: Product TourNikon D5: Product Tour
Nikon D5 Features: Still PhotographyNikon D5 Features: Still Photography
Nikon D5 Features: VideoNikon D5 Features: Video
DPReviewJun 1st, 2016

Nikon D5 Review

The Nikon D5 represents a more remarkable upgrade to the D4S than its appearance suggests. With a completely revamped autofocus system, the D5 will keep up with just about any subject under just about any lighting conditions. The new sensor offers class-leading low light image quality, especially due to an improved JPEG engine, but Raws aren’t the most flexible when shooting high contrast scenes. The improved, extensive customization allows for quick adaptability to fast situations, with instant AF mode overrides at the touch of a button. The D5 is a specialized tool capable of highly professional results.

Carey Rose & OthersReview
Imaging ResourceAug 5th, 2016

Nikon D5 Review

The Nikon D5 captures excellent images, but its 20.8-megapixel sensor trades low ISO dynamic range for excellent high ISO performance. What it doesn’t compromise on is autofocus and speed with 153 AF points and 12fps continuous shooting for up to 200 images, respectively. The bulky, but well-designed body screams “pro” camera, as does everything else about this DSLR. Are its few compromises relevant to you or not? Find out by reading our in-depth Nikon D5 review.

Jeremy Gray & OthersReview
TechRadarMay 4th, 2016

Nikon D5 review

The Nikon D5 will keep pros happy with its great burst-shooting and low-light performance, but a couple of niggling build issues mean it isn’t as convincing an upgrade over the D4S as it could have been.

Angela NicholsonReview
Digital TrendsFeb 22nd, 2017

Nikon D5 review

Nikon has given professional shooters another outstanding camera with the D5. It is faster and sharper than its predecessors, with an autofocus system that actually enables users to take advantage of that speed and resolution. We would have liked to see a bit more effort put into the video mode, but ultimately this a camera for still photographers first, and the pros who pick it up for sports and action photography will not regret it.

David ElrichReview
PCMagAug 8th, 2016

Nikon D5 Review & Rating

The top-of-the-line Nikon D5 SLR doesn’t disappoint thanks to best-in-class autofocus, 4K video recording, and a full-frame image sensor.

Jim FisherReview
StuffJun 23rd, 2016

Nikon D5 review

Nikon’s top-line DSLR knocks it out the park for professional and sports photographers

Amy DaviesReview
Photography BlogApr 18th, 2016

Overall, Nikon has produced a superb camera here with the D5. There’s enough familiarity to make existing Nikon D4S users feel at home, but there’s enough new features to justify the upgrade. And those low light photos – just wow.

Amy DaviesReview
Camera JabberJun 27th, 2016

Nikon D5 review

While the uppermost sensitivity setting is largely pointless, the D5 is a very capable low-light camera and at high sensitivity settings it produces cleaner images than the Canon 1DX Mark II. The autofocus system is also very good and likely to find favour amongst photographers shooting the Olympic Games and the UEFA European Championship matches this summer.

Angela NicholsonReview
ePHOTOzineApr 11th, 2016

Nikon D5 Review

The Nikon D5 is the best DSLR we have reviewed to date and offers excellent image quality and noise performance.

Joshua WallerReview
Pocket-lintMay 3rd, 2016

Nikon D5 review

In an Olympic year the D5 puts in an Olympic performance. It’s going for gold and it’s deservedly worthy of such an accolade. Although it’s such a tight photo-finish with the Canon 1D X II that it’s too close to call.

Mike LoweReview
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