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A successor to the highly rated 70D, the EOS 80D is Canon’s midrange all-round DSLR aimed at Enthusiasts & Semi pros.

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Canon EOS 80D


Feb 18th2016


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Make / Model

Sensor Size

Camera Type

Key Specs / Features


  • Processor: DIGIC 6
  • Lens: Canon EF/EF-S


  • Pixels: 24.2 Megapixels
  • Type: CMOS
  • Size: APS-C

ISO Range

  • Native ISO: 100 - 16000
  • Extended ISO: 25600

Shutter Speed

  • Fastest: 1/8000 Sec
  • Slowest: 30 Sec


  • AF Points: 45
  • Cross-Type: 45


  • Speed: Up to 7 FPS


  • Full HD: Up to 60 FPS

Battery Life

  • Images: Up to 960 Shots *


  • Screen: 3.0" with 1.04 m-dot Articulating Touchscreen LCD
  • Viewfinder: Optical


  • IBIS: No
  • Wireless: WiFi / NFC


  • HDMI (mini)
  • USB 2.0 (Mini)
  • Headphone (Stereo Mini)
  • Microphone (Stereo Mini)

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EOS 80D IntroductionEOS 80D Introduction
Introduction with Jon LorentzIntroduction with Jon Lorentz
DPReviewApr 27th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D Review

The Canon 80D centers around ease of use. It offers the best dynamic range of any APS-C Canon camera to date and features dual pixel AF, allowing for continuous focus during both video and still capture. The articulating touchscreen is especially handy in live view mode. And while the camera’s image quality and video resolution lag behind the competition, the 80D is still a solid choice for enthusiasts.

Dan BracagliaReview
Digital Camera WorldNov 21st, 2018

Canon EOS 80D Review

Canon has created an excellent camera that makes a worthwhile upgrade from the 70D. It’s well-built with sensibly arranged controls, has good ergonomics and an extensive feature set, and can be set up to suit your shooting style. Most importantly, the image quality is superb with lots of detail.

Digital CameraReview
Imaging ResourceJun 23rd, 2017

Canon 80D Review

All in all, while the Canon 80D feels more evolutionary than revolutionary, it’s an all-around excellent DSLR with a good combination of image quality, advanced features, great build quality, and a good price point. It’s a great still camera, and Canon’s Dual-Pixel autofocus is unbeatable for video.

William Brawley & OthersReview
CameralabsJun 27th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D review

It fulfills its role in delivering a big step-up from Canon’s entry-level DSLRs whether you’re after traditional speed and handling or modern movie focusing, without the cost or heft of the semi-pro 7D series. While I’m frustrated there’s still no 4k video, the 80D continues to strike one of the most compelling balances of features in the entire EOS range. As an all-round hybrid camera for stills and movies, it comes Highly Recommended.

Gordon LaingReview
TechRadarNov 20th, 2018

Canon EOS 80D review

Canon has created an excellent camera for enthusiast photographers that makes a worthwhile upgrade from the 70D. It’s well built, with sensibly arranged controls, and has good ergonomics and an extensive feature set. Most importantly, the image quality is superb with lots of detail, especially at the lower sensitivity settings.

Angela NicholsonReview
Digital TrendsJul 6th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D review

The 80D is a proper upgrade to the 70D, and retains the Editors’ Choice. It may not look different, but there are significant improvements under the hood, namely the autofocusing, superior stills, and Full HD videos that are top-notch. The 80D is a nice step-up for entry-level Canon Rebel DSLR users, but the enhancements are also worth considering if you own the 70D or other older enthusiast-level Canon DSLRs. We highly recommend it for enthusiasts as well as those looking for a relatively affordable photographic tool they can grow into.

David ElrichReview
PCMagJun 30th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D offers some significant upgrades over its predecessor, and is a strong performer in the midrange SLR space.

Jim FisherReview
Trusted ReviewsDec 12th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D Review

It’s not revolutionary, but the 80D is still a fine DSLR for the right user.

Michael TophamReview
StuffMay 19th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D review

Imagine a camera that does all the hard work for you. Well, Canon’s only gone and made one

Marc McLarenReview
Photography BlogMay 16th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D Review

So while rival cameras may offer better image quality, or better specifications, faster burst modes, or smaller and lighter bodies, the new Canon EOS 80D is a very well-rounded camera that will satisfy most users needs most of the time. That may sound like damning the 80D with faint praise, but in a market where new cameras often seem to excel in one area above others, the versatile and intuitive EOS 80D is an all-rounder that’s very easy to like.

Mark GoldsteinReview
Photography Life

Canon 80D Review

Overall, the Canon 80D is a very good camera, and it is one of the best values within Canon’s lineup. However, the shortcomings it has – namely autofocus performance and high ISO image quality – may deter some photographers from picking it over an option from a different brand.

Spencer CoxReview
Camera JabberJul 1st, 2016

Canon 80D review

The 80D makes an excellent all-rounder with a very high quality autofocus system, snappy continuous shooting and the ability to keep noise in check.

Angela NicholsonReview
The PhoblographerJun 4th, 2016

Review: Canon 80D

I’m really torn with the Canon 80D. Is it a bad camera? Heck no. Is it a great camera? Yes, but there are better options out there for the price.

Chris GampatReview
ePHOTOzineJun 6th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D Expert Review

With the Canon EOS 80D offering a new 24 megapixel sensor, improved image quality and additional shooting options and controls, the Canon EOS 80D is one of the best mid-range Digital SLRs Canon has ever produced.

Joshua WallerReview
CNETMay 19th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D review

With better performance and photo quality than the 70D, the Canon EOS 80D is worth the upgrade, but it’s got a lot of competition for the money.

Lori GruninReview
Tom's GuideAug 2nd, 2016

Canon EOS 80D Review

The Canon EOS 80D is a solid option for enthusiasts who want 45-point autofocus coverage along with excellent image quality, but it lacks 4K video.

Theano NikitasReview
Pocket-lintApr 6th, 2016

Canon EOS 80D review

The Canon EOS 80D takes almost everything that was missing or not quite up to scratch in the already impressive 70D and sets it right. Save for a second SD card slot and absence of 4K video there’s not a whole lot missing in this mid-range master. The 80D is worth every penny and keeps the DSLR hugely relevant in today’s market.

Mike LoweReview
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