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EOS R is Canon’s first Full-Frame Mirrorless camera launched as part of it’s all-new EOS R System.

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Canon EOS R


Sep 5th2018


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Make / Model

Sensor Size

Camera Type

Key Specs / Features


  • Processor: Digic 8
  • Lens: Canon RF Mount


  • Pixels: 30.3 Megapixels
  • Type: CMOS
  • Size: Full Frame

ISO Range

  • Auto ISO: 100 - 12800
  • Native ISO: 100 - 40000
  • Extended ISO: 50 - 102400

Shutter Speed

  • Fastest: 1/8000 Sec
  • Slowest: 30 Sec


  • AF Points: 5655


  • Speed: Up to 8 FPS


  • 4K UHD: Up to 30 FPS
  • Full HD: Up to 60 FPS

Battery Life

  • Images: Up to 370 Shots *
  • Video: Up to 140 mins *


  • Screen: 3.15" with 2.1 m-dot Articulating Touchscreen LCD
  • Viewfinder: 0.5" with 3.69 m-dot OLED EVF


  • IBIS: No
  • Wireless: WiFi / Bluetooth


  • HDMI (mini)
  • USB (Type-C)
  • Headphone (Stereo Mini)
  • Microphone (Stereo Mini)

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Canon EOS R SystemCanon EOS R System
EOS R + RF LensesEOS R + RF Lenses
DPReviewNov 19th, 2018

Canon EOS R review

With a 30MP sensor, fantastic color reproduction and on-sensor autofocus, the EOS R can produce some beautiful photographs with pinpoint-accurate focus. But it’s Canon’s first mirrorless full-frame camera, and in many ways, it shows. The ergonomics feel unfinished, and for the same or less money, you can find better video, more dynamic range and faster burst speeds elsewhere. But we have to admit that Canon’s new RF lenses are simply spectacular, and at this time, the EOS R is the only way to get to use them.

Carey RoseReview
Digital Camera WorldFeb 28th, 2019

Canon EOS R review

Capable, customisable, but compromised. The Canon EOS R is a great proof of concept, with fantastic features such as the new Control ring and M-Fn Bar, and offers tangible upgrades to existing EF and EF-S lenses. While it compares well to a DSLR, though, its cropped 4K, restricted 60 and 120fps, and lack of in-body image stabilisation place it firmly behind Sony and Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless bodies, and now it faces competition from the cheaper EOS RP, too.

James ArtaiusReview
Imaging ResourceDec 21st, 2018

Canon EOS R Review

By itself, the Canon EOS R is a very nice camera. It feels great in the hand, it’s compact, it offers solid weather-sealed construction, and it takes excellent photos and very good 4K video. But it’s not a ground-breaking camera. Perhaps future EOS R models will bring more exciting features to the table. Right now, the EOS R feels somewhat limited, especially when it comes to performance. And some of the design choices feel under-utilized or downright confusing or awkward.

William BrawleyReview
CameralabsOct 15th, 2018

Canon EOS R review

The Canon EOS R is a welcome addition to the full-frame mirrorless market but a camera that will polarise opinions, impressing in some regards, but disappointing in others.

Gordon LaingReview
EngadgetNov 12th, 2018

Canon EOS R review: Brilliant mount, but flawed 4K video

The EOS R is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera and heralds an all-new lens mount system. As the first batch of lenses show, it’s loaded with potential to produce beautiful, sharp images and video. The camera itself is a bit disappointing, though. It feels great in hand, and you can definitely take fabulous photos with it. However, 4K video is crippled by a 1.8x crop, 30 fps max shooting speed and bad rolling shutter. On top of that, it lacks in-body stabilization, putting it at a disadvantage to rival models from Sony and Nikon. It’s not a bad first effort, but Canon must up its game for the next model.

Steve DentReview
TechRadarJan 4th, 2019

Canon EOS R review

The Canon EOS R is a very capable camera, and should satisfy many EOS DSLR owners looking for a solid mirrorless alternative. If we weren’t bound by a system, however, it would be hard to pick the EOS R over its rivals, especially when you consider the price premium over the likes of the excellent Nikon Z6 or Sony Alpha A7 III. Things could well change with the next model though, when Canon has had the opportunity to smooth out a few rough edges.

Phil Hall, Matt GolowczynskiReview
Digital TrendsOct 11th, 2018

Canon EOS R review

All in all, the Canon EOS R is one of the most thorough first-generation cameras we’ve ever used.

Gannon BurgettReview
PCMagDec 6th, 2018

Canon EOS R

Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, the EOS R, offers strong image quality and autofocus, but is held back by its ergonomics and video system.

Jim FisherReview
Trusted ReviewsNov 3rd, 2018

Canon EOS R Review

A successful entry in the rapidly growing team of full-frame mirrorless cameras, if not the most complete in this class

Andrew WilliamsReview
StuffOct 23rd, 2018

Canon EOS R review

A good first attempt, but it doesn’t blow us away – Canon will need to up its game for the next iteration of the R series

Amy DaviesReview
Expert ReviewsApr 16th, 2019

Canon EOS R review: Off to a flying start

This is a cracking debut on the mirrorless camera market for Canon. It won’t be a camera for every professional out there – not enough body controls, frames per second and battery life – but for enthusiasts who simply want the very best image quality, it has to make the shortlist. That high-resolution sensor simply drinks in light, while the Canon 24-105mm f/4 RF-mount lens is deeply impressive.

Dave StevensonReview
Photography BlogOct 8th, 2018

Canon EOS R Review

Ultimately the Canon EOS R isn’t as DSLR-like as the Nikon Z7 and isn’t as well-specced as the Sony A7 III, but it’s definitely good enough to satisfy current Canon owners and newbies alike, and therefore to stem the recent flow of Canon’s prosumer base to Sony. We’re more excited about what the next Canon EOS R model will look like, but in the meantime, this one will more than do…

Mark GoldsteinReview
Photography Life

Canon EOS R Review

All in all, the Canon EOS R feels much more like a dress rehearsal for the RF mount and its compelling potential than a camera meant to take on the best mirrorless offerings on the market.

Dvir BarkayReview
Camera JabberOct 30th, 2018

Canon EOS R review

It’s clear that the Canon EOS R is a very capable camera. In the right hands, it captures plenty of detail with good exposure and attractive colours.

Angela NicholsonReview
The PhoblographerOct 16th, 2018

Review: Canon EOS R

I genuinely didn’t think I’d like the Canon EOS R, but I bought one not only for business reasons, but because I actually like it.

Chris GampatReview
ePHOTOzineOct 1st, 2018

Canon EOS R Full Review

The Canon EOS R delivers a competent package, with great image quality, with a high quality 24-105mm f/4L lens, however there are a few design choices that will frustrate some, such as only one SD card slot, and heavily cropped 4K video recording.

John RileyReview
HardwareZoneOct 14th, 2018

The Canon EOS R is not what we expected

The EOS R isn’t what I expected Canon’s inaugural mirrorless full-frame camera to be. I thought it would produce a miniaturized 5D Mark IV, but instead Canon has made an advanced EOS M.

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