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Jan 15th2019


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Digital Camera WorldFeb 27th, 2019

Sony A6400 review

For bloggers, vloggers and independent content creators, the Sony A6400 is a dream. Its still image quality is very good, its 4K video is even better, and its 180-degree screen and eye-detect AF are perfect for single-handed video capture. But this is a specific market, and for regular stills photographers its high-tech image capture is poor consolation for its five-year-old design and limited external controls.

Rod LawtonReview
CameralabsJan 23rd, 2019

Sony A6400 review

The Sony A6400 is a solid mid-range mirrorless camera with an APSC sensor delivering good quality 24 Megapixel photos and 4k video.

Gordon LaingReview
TechRadarFeb 4th, 2019

Sony Alpha A6400 review

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Alpha A6400 is a minor upgrade over the A6300, and in many ways it is. But it’s the upgraded and highly advanced autofocus that really shines here, even more so given that it’s on a camera costing under $1,000 / £1,000. If this camera can help you increase your hit rate, regardless of the subject you’re shooting, that can only be a good thing.

Phil HallReview
EngadgetMar 18th, 2019

Sony A6400 camera review: Definitely not a vlogger's dream camera

Sony’s A6400 is a mixed bag. It’s essentially a rebadged A6300 with the same sensor and thus the same image quality, but a new a flip-up screen. It’s not as good a vlogging or video camera as we expected, because it lacks in-body stabilization and has terrible rolling shutter. However, it’s a great camera for photography thanks to what is possibly the best tracking autofocus system on the market, period. On the whole, it’s a bit disappointing by Sony’s standards and for the same money, Fujifilm’s new X-T30 looks like a better option.

Steve DentReview
PCMagFeb 27th, 2019

Sony a6400

The Sony a6400 is a camera that straddles the line between consumer and enthusiast, delivering automatic operation for family snapshots with the image quality and speed aficionados love.

Jim FisherReview
Trusted ReviewsMar 7th, 2019

Sony A6400 Review

The Sony A6400 offers fantastic specifications for the price and features. Highlights include excellent auto-focus tracking, a compact travel design and a diverse set of compatible accessories and lenses. Were it not for minor issues with its handling and battery life this would be one of the best mid-level mirrorless cameras around.

Amy DaviesReview
The VergeMar 15th, 2019


The Sony a6400 is a well-equipped camera with solid image quality and a great price considering its specs. I was impressed with the real-time tracking AF abilities and focus times, but it’s absolutely far from perfect. While some of the a6400’s new features (like real-time tracking) are especially exciting for a camera of this size and price, its flaws like the screen and menu system are nuisances that make it hard to fall in with.

Stefan EtienneReview
Photography BlogMar 21st, 2019

Sony A6400 Review

Ultimately, the new Sony Alpha A6400 is a frustrating camera – outstanding in some aspects, most notably the AF system, good in others, but mediocre in some key areas by today’s high standards. Overall, it’s still a good bet, especially if you shoot a lot of moving subjects, but it also could potentially have been so much better…

Mark GoldsteinReview
Camera JabberFeb 25th, 2019

Sony A6400 Review

The A6400 is very a good camera for anyone starting to get serious about photography. It’s attractively priced and it has a comprehensive range of features for both photographers and videographers.

Angela NicholsonReview
The PhoblographerApr 8th, 2019

Review: Sony a6400 (The Sony a9 with an APS-C Sensor)

All in all, photographers looking for a compact, reliable, and easy to use camera will find lots to love in the Sony A6400, although if you really need in body image stabilization, we’d wait until Sony releases the eventual A6500 successor.

Pauleth IpReview
ePHOTOzineApr 16th, 2019

Sony Alpha A6400 Review

The Sony Alpha A6400 offers excellent image quality, with a 24mp APS-C CMOS sensor that delivers great noise performance. The camera is fast in use, and focus is rapid. 4K UHD video recording is unlimited, and it’s also going to be a good choice for travel, due to the compact size of the system. However, the menu system and controls could be improved, and this can make it less enjoyable to use, when compared to other camera systems.

Joshua WallerReview
Pocket-lintApr 5th, 2019

Sony A6400 review: A star of track and field

Faster, brighter and a little vainer, the A6400 is a great little camera for the creative photographer and videographer. It builds on the success of its predecessors with a very accomplished focus tracking system, fast focus and more adaptable tilting rear screen.

Mat GallagherReview
Cameralabs: ReviewCameralabs: Review
Engadget: ReviewEngadget: Review